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Importance of Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus Remote Sensing Needs

Problems with Existing Cirrus Methods

Submillimeter Sensing of Cirrus Clouds

Submillimeter Clear Sky Brightness Temperature Spectrum

Effect of Cirrus Ice Water Path

Effect of Cirrus Particle Size

Water Vapor Screening:Effect of Cloud Altitude

Comparison of Particle Size Sensitivity


Submillimeter-Wave Cloud Ice Radiometer

Submillimeter-Wave Cloud Ice Radiometer Diagram

Conical Scanning Submillimeter-Wave Imaging Radiometer (CoSSIR)

Polarimetric Scanning Radiometer Submillimeter Scanhead (PSR/S)

Far-IR Spectrometer for Cirrus (FIRSC)

FIRSC at Langley

Proteus Aircraft

FIRSC Cirrus Flight during AFWEX

GOES IR Satellite Image

Example FIRSC Spectra

Bayesian Retrieval Algorithm

Bayesian Retrieval Algorithm - II

Bayesian Retrieval Database for FIRSC

Advantages of Bayesian Retrieval

Cirrus Retrievals from FIRSC Spectra