Selected Cumulus LES Simulations from ERA-Interim Reanalysis

A subset of 26 of the 200 original LES simulations in the cumulus regime were selected for runs on a 20 km square domain. The cumulus regime is defined as those simulations with the cloud fraction less than 0.5 and the maximum cloud thickness larger than 500 m. (See graph of selection space).

See the original ERA-Interim LES description for the simulation procedure. The initialization files are identical, and the LES parameters are the same except the horizontal grid is 320x320 at 62.5 m spacing and the simulation time is from 6:00 to 14:00 local time (8 hours).

Four of the simulations failed due to the cloud tops becoming too high for the domain; these simulations were rerun and are at the end of the set.

At the end of each web page below there are links to netcdf files with the 3D fields of liquid water content and relative humidity. These files may be read with les2lwc2.f90 .

Click on image for a web page with graphs for each set of five simulations.

Simulations: aero0822nh15 to aero0923nh5

Simulations: aero0822nh18 to aero0923nh2

Simulations: aero0722nh26 to aero0923nh36

Simulations: aero0722nh17 to aero0923nh29

Simulations: aero0722nh32 to aero0521nh38

Simulations: aero0822nh19 to aero0822nh33c