LES Simulations from ERA-Interim Reanalysis

I ran the UCLA large eddy simulation (LES) model to generate a wide variety of marine boundary layer cloud structure for developing cloud remote sensing methods using 3D radiative transfer. Bjorn Stevens, the author of the UCLA LES model, helped me with running the model. I initialed the LES model with atmospheric profiles from random columns at specific times from the ECMWF ERA-Interim reanalysis.

Description of LES model:

Description of the simulation procedure:

Click on image for a web page with graphs for each set of five simulations.
At the end of each web page below there are links to netcdf files with the 3D fields of liquid water content. These files may be read with
les2lwc.f90 .

Simulations: era0521nh1 to era0521nh5

Simulations: era0521nh6 to era0521nh10

Simulations: era0621nh1 to era0621nh5

Simulations: era0621nh6 to era0621nh10

Simulations: era0722nh1 to era0722nh5

Simulations: era0722nh6 to era0722nh10

Simulations: era0822nh1 to era0822nh5

Simulations: era0822nh6 to era0822nh10

Simulations: era0923nh1 to era0923nh5

Simulations: era0923nh6 to era0923nh10

Simulations: era0521nh11 to era0521nh15

Simulations: era0521nh16 to era0521nh20

Simulations: era0621nh11 to era0621nh15

Simulations: era0621nh16 to era0621nh20

Simulations: era0722nh11 to era0722nh15

Simulations: era0722nh16 to era0722nh20

Simulations: era0822nh11 to era0822nh15

Simulations: era0822nh16 to era0822nh20

Simulations: era0923nh11 to era0923nh15

Simulations: era0923nh16 to era0923nh20

Simulations: era0521nh21 to era0521nh25

Simulations: era0621nh21 to era0621nh25

Simulations: era0722nh21 to era0722nh25

Simulations: era0822nh21 to era0822nh25

Simulations: era0923nh21 to era0923nh25

Simulations: era0521nh26 to era0521nh30

Simulations: era0621nh26 to era0621nh30

Simulations: era0722nh26 to era0722nh30

Simulations: era0822nh26 to era0822nh30

Simulations: era0923nh26 to era0923nh30

Simulations: era0521nh31 to era0521nh35

Simulations: era0621nh31 to era0621nh35

Simulations: era0722nh31 to era0722nh35

Simulations: era0822nh31 to era0822nh35

Simulations: era0923nh31 to era0923nh35

Simulations: era0521nh36 to era0521nh40

Simulations: era0621nh36 to era0621nh40

Simulations: era0722nh36 to era0722nh40

Simulations: era0822nh36 to era0822nh40

Simulations: era0923nh36 to era0923nh40