The Spherical Harmonic Discrete Ordinate Method: Application to 3D Radiative Transfer in Boundary Layer Clouds

K. Franklin Evans, Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder

Poster presented at the International Radiation Symposium, Fairbanks, Alaska, August 19-24, 1996.


SHDOM Algorithm

Solution method (iterates 1 to 4):

  1. Transform source function from spherical harmonics to discrete ordinates.
  2. Integrate RTE source function back along discrete ordinates to get radiance.
  3. Transform radiance field back to spherical harmonics.
  4. Compute source function from radiance.
A sequence acceleration method is used to speed convergence in optically thick, scattering situations.

Validation of SHDOM

LES Model Cloud

Broadband Modeling

Remote Sensing Modeling


Last modified: August 5, 1996

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